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ApplicantsFill a New Application.

Apply to your rental property quickly and easily.

rentkindly saves you time
and grows your income.

Minimize vacancies, reduce errors on applications and leases, and gain on missed opportunities with on-demand pricing.

Add a Property:
It's easy to start.

Add the address of your property and some photos.  That's it!

Promote wherever you like.

Use any method that you prefer to use to promote your listing (Craigslist, email, social). Just include our custom link in your ad.

Rental Applications:
Less Follow-Up on Your Part.

View the rental applications as they are completed. Since you no longer need to meet in person for signatures and forms, you'll reduce the time your unit is spent vacant, increasing your gross income.

Applicant Evaluation:
We double-check their application.

Choose your applicant based on our comprehensive online rental application. Our forms contain significant checks and only motivated applicants will apply. We then calculate custom scores based on their credit and income to help with your decision.

Service Requests:
No 10 PM calls for a light bulb change.

Use a fully-featured Service Request tracking tool to communicate with your tenants. Assign contractors at the click of a button and they can submit bids to you online.

Your leases are reachable online.

Generate an online lease and sign online. We take federal and state laws into account as much as humanly possible. We even prorate any rent amounts as needed.

Service Requests:
Get your repairs done faster.

Trouble finding a contractor? Share your contractors/handymen with other landlords and they'll return the favor.

Our users love rentkindly!

We've gotten a lot of great feedback from rentkindly users and have continually evolved the web application, entirely building out of need.

Available in California, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Texas.
Get in touch if your state is not listed!

rentkindly has saved me over 20 hours per week. I've been able to add properties to my portfolio because of it.
Since tenants move in sooner, I collect more rent.

R. Joseph
Landlord, Walnut Creek, CA


We offer three plans: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
Our plans scale to provide features as your number of units grow.

Bronze Edition

Online Rental Applications

Applicants can submit screening information online before physically meeting with you, saving time on showings. Collect an unlimited number of applications.

Online Leases

Execute customized leases that are far more thorough than random leases you'd find on the web.

Service Requests

Prioritize and tag your service requests from tenants. The documentation helps develop cases against poor tenancies while offering a huge convenience for your tenants.

Move-In and Move-Out Checklists

Have your tenants document and sign a checklist on move-in and move-out to document the condition of your unit and mitigate communication issues.

Request a Quote from Your Contractor

Invite your contractors and have them bid on service requests. Bids are not viewable between contractors.

Advanced Interface

Only see what you need, and nothing more. Our interface has been evaluated by a Human Computer Interaction expert and created by people with decades of experience in the industry.

Rental Applications


LandlordsAdd a Property for Free. All documents at your fingertips Get Started

Online Leases

$9.99 per unit and per renewal Money-Back Guarantee * * See details.

Service Requests

First 50 Complimentary $9.99 per pack of 50 thereafter Bronze
Add a Property

Go Beyond the Basics

For those who are more serious, this is your upgrade path.
We have a whole lot in store and we're so excited to show you!

Silver Edition

The Professional Edition adds the following features:

Automated Rent Collection

Collect rent from your tenants monthly through direct deposit to your bank account.  
+Nominal ACH fee per transaction.


With Automated Rent Collection enabled, we calculate your net operating income and point out ways to maximize it.

On-Demand Pricing

Applicants can offer better terms on rental applications if certain criteria are met.
(Available for high demand properties.)


Change the color scheme of your dashboard to one of several predefined color choices.



This annual license grants intermediate features to the platform.


Gold Edition

The Gold Edition contains all the features from the Professional Edition and adds:

Financials II

Get a view of your properties with a balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows.


Implement advanced searching capability throughout your dashboard.

Advanced Electronic Analysis

Determine which tenants should receive attention sooner by applying machine learning to your Service Request communication flow. Tenants must opt-in for the service.

Team Management

Allow your company to include multiple managers and optimize your workflow.



This annual license grants Level 2 features plus all the advanced features from Level 3.


One of those times you don't realize something is broken until you see it fixed. It's like Mint, Github, and Google rolled into one. No-nonsense.

Vinu Sam
Landlord, Dallas, TX

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