Joseph Holdings Management


Our Story

You're probably asking yourself why we need another online property management tool.
Fair question.

In 2012, managing our rental units consumed us. The standard rental application in California was 26 pages long, requiring repetitive information. Some applicants were leaving required areas blank and leaving the property manager in the dark about the application. Other applicants were just hustling to find somewhere to live. By and large, these were good people who are just trying to find a home. Bombarding them with paper wasn't good for anyone. We were also overwhelmed with the minutiae of day-to-day operations in managing units. The situation in Minnesota was not any better, driving across town just to get signatures.

Applicants and tenants were aggravated. Mired in paperwork, we sought a better solution to fix our own problems. Fast-forward to today and we have a solution that not only saves us a lot of time, but also makes managing properties significantly easier. We built rentkindly entirely out of need, and to this day, only built what we felt was truly necessary and kept kindness as a central theme. It has features that we haven't seen anywhere else. We hope that it can help you too.

Our Mission

rentkindly's mission is to create a culture of care and collaboration between tenants (prospective, current, and prior), landlords, and contractors. We aim to create a neighborhood expression of care.

At each turn, we encourage kindness.

Our Core Values

Trust. Choose the path that allows the other person to build confidence in you.

Neighborhood expression of care. Think about how your actions will benefit the community.

Tenacity. Be persistent. Be a bulldog.

Self-Awareness. Understand what drives other people and yourself. Follow the Platinum Rule: Treat others the way they would want to be treated.

Resourcefulness. Beat the odds with what you have. Relentlessly.

Focus. If you have 100 things to do, focus on two high priority items and finish them.